Introducing the AMG150 Series

AMG Systems introduces the AMG150 series of hardened PoE power injectors meeting the IEE802.3bt standard and delivering up to 90watts of PoE.

The AMG150 series provide both data communication along with up to 90W of energy to power a multitude of devices including outdoor PTZ cameras with heater/blower capabilities, large multi-sensor cameras, PoE lighting, high powered wireless access points and access control products.

The AMG150 Series is co-designed in the UK & USA and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified UK facility, is fully TAA and NDAA compliant, and unlike similar products from other Asian countries, can be used in all US Government installations.

The AMG150 features a small form factor and can be Din Rail or Wall mounted. The line is industrial hardened and can operate in outdoors and extreme temperatures (-40 to +75°C). The AMG150 Series is a true IEEE802.3bt device and can offer 15, 30, 60, and 90-watt power-to-edge PoE devices with “mains” internal power and redundant power supply options. 

  • Options for both DC and AC power inputs
  • Designed in the USA & UK. Manufactured in the UK at our ISO9001 certified manufacturing site.
  • Fully NDAA & TAA compliant
  • Support for the latest PoE standards across the range with ports supporting 802.3at 30W as well as ports supporting 802.3bt for 60W & 90W PoE. This enables us to support all of the latest high powered devices on the market including PTZ cameras, PoE lighting, high powered wireless access points and access control products etc.
  • Fully active PoE designs
  • Full industrial designs supporting -40 to +75C temps.
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Easy to use DIN rail and wall mounts included with every unit
  • Dual power inputs on all models

Managing Director Steve Clarke commented, "When we decided to enter the US Market, we thoroughly evaluated what was missing from current product lines available in the US. With the proliferation of PoE devices, what was missing was PoE PSEs that can provide power to those devices. Asian-sourced products are available, but we found many potential US customers would rather use higher-quality US and UK-produced products. The AMG150 Series satisfies the need for such a device."

Tom Exley, AMG Technical Director adds “The AMG150 sets the quality standard. Our engineering team looked at what was currently available, identified weaknesses, and engineered our product line to overcome those weaknesses. We believe in the quality and stand behind them with lifetime support. This Injector opens dozens of applications that can now utilize PoE as the power source. Plus having an injector made in the UK gives your network an added layer of security.”

Models Available
8 models available at launch with more models to be released throughout 2023
1 port 30W DC input model
1 port 60/90W DC input model
1 port 30W AC input model
1 port 60/90W AC input model
4 port 30W model
6 port 30/60/90W model
8 port 30W model
8 port 30/60/90W model
Unit Specific Points
All 1 port models support AMG’s unique dual port PoE output function which allows you to output PoE from both RJ45 ports. This is useful for example when you have a PoE camera directly connected to a wireless access point which also needs to be powered by PoE.
The AC models offer options for IEC or Barrier Terminal mains inputs.
The IEC input models feature a locking plate to secure the IEC cable and prevent accidental mains power disconnection.
The AC models also feature  a 2nd DC power input for redundancy
The AC models can provide any unused power as a local 54VDC output from the screw terminal block
All 1 port models feature a power failure fault relay output

AMG believes having products in stock, being fully supported by the AMG design team, and being covered by the AMG Lifetime Warranty gives AMG customers a measurable advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

AMG Systems offers an extensive line of fiber optic, copper, and wireless video and data transmission equipment that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the Security, Intelligent Transportation System, Utility, and Industrial markets.

Full product line details are available at Call direct +44 (0)1767 600777 or email for details.

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