Fustat Garden Case Study, Cairo, Egypt

AMG Systems Ltd has provided the AMG250 range of industrial media converters to ensure the smooth transmission of data and video signals through their network.

The Fustat Park, located in the Old Cairo district of Egypt, is a popular destination for visitors seeking solace from the buzzing city life. Built after the conquest of Egypt by Amr ibn al-Aas in 641, the park is named after the city of Fustat. With expansive green stretches, playgrounds and serene environment, it's ideal for nature enthusiasts. The origins of the park can be traced back to 937 when Muhammad al-Ikhshidi transformed an arsenal established by Ahmed bin Tulun into a garden. Today, the park is a beloved landmark and a testament to the rich history of Fustat, once a hub of trade from distant lands like China, India and Europe.

The transformation of an arsenal into a garden by Muhammad al-Ikhshidi is a perfect example of conservation of history. With its sprawling 105 hectares, the Fustat Garden in Cairo is the largest man-made park in the city. The park, managed by the Department of Special Gardens, Cairo Governorate, was opened in 1989, on a former dumping ground, Abou al-Souod. Visitors are guaranteed to learn about the architectural wonders of the Roman and Islamic times along with the fascinating history of this beautiful destination. Fustat is a place where families can spend quality time with their loved ones at a low admission cost and numerous recreational activities.

The upgrade of a CCTV system for a large park comes with various challenges. The most significant challenge being minimal disruption caused to the park's opening hours as a result of its size and the operations taking place. These factors affected the upgrade process, and proper planning had to be put in place to ensure that the process ran smoothly. The customer requirements also had to be considered as any equipment installed had to be highly industrial due to the extreme weather conditions in the park. Additionally, to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the park, careful consideration had to be given such that the installation process did not compromise the park's scenic views. The CCTV system was thus installed with consideration of all the factors mentioned above, resulting in an exceedingly efficient and up to date surveillance system for the park.

Fustat, a well-known organization, approached AMG Systems to use their accomplished network design services. Fustat had made this decision after pursuing various options and carefully reviewing the available alternatives. Their team conducted thorough research before finalizing their decision to collaborate with AMG Systems. Being aware of the reputation of AMG Systems in the market, Fustat was confident that they could trust their expertise. The AMG Systems team assessed Fustat's requirements, current setup, and infrastructure before executing their network design services. This collaboration resulted in a successful network implementation and a better overall networking system for Fustat. The successful collaboration of Fustat and AMG Systems has resulted in a positive outcome, and Fustat now enjoys a state-of-the-art transmission system.

AMG Systems Ltd has been working with Fustat Garden in Egypt and has provided the AMG250 range of industrial media converters to ensure the smooth transmission of data and video signals through their network. The AMG250 media converter range is designed to be reliable and efficient in harsh environments, making it the ideal solution for Fustat Garden. As a result of network upgrades with the AMG250 media converter range, Fustat Garden has experienced improved data transmission speeds and enhanced video quality. AMG Systems Ltd's reliable and efficient media converters have helped Fustat Garden deliver quality service to their customers, leading to increased customer trust and satisfaction.

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