AMG Powered Raytec Illuminator

AMG Product Compatibility testing with the Raytec VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1 Illuminator

As a UK Manufacturer of Industrial Transmission Products, AMG Systems regularly reaches out to other manufacturers to test their high power PoE devices ensuring compatibility with the PoE standards.  Not all high power PoE devices actually support the new 802.3bt PoE standard.

Raytec is a globally renowned manufacturer of IR, White Light and Hybrid Illuminators which can be powered conventionally, or by using PoE (Power over Ethernet).  AMG Systems had successfully tested the VARIO2 IP i6/w6 and i4/w4 models 802.3at(30W) and were keen to test their VARIO2 IP i8/w8 high power models now that Raytec has introduced 802.3bt (90W) support for that model series.

The model tested was the Raytec VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1. 

AMG Systems products used to create the test were:

** Models supporting 802.3bt(90W) PoE

All of the above AMG products used to carry out the test proved successful, instantly powering the illuminator.

 It is worth noting that 802.3bt(90W) support is only available on Raytec Illuminator models with serial numbers ending in 120000 onwards (info taken from Raytec datasheet).

If you’re looking to provide PoE for the Raytec VARIO2 IP i8/w8 illuminators, look no further than AMG Systems.  We are the perfect partner for providing PoE power to Raytec IP PoE Illuminators, fully supporting 802.3at(30W) and now the new 802.3bt(90W) requirements.

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