AMG570 Series Managed Ethernet Switch

ISO 9001 Certified, AMG570 Series of 6 & 11-Port Managed Switches featuring IEEE802.3bt PoE with up to 90 watts for high power PoE applications.

The AMG570 Series of 6 and 11-port industrially hardened Layer 2+ Ethernet switches with PoE for applications requiring up to 90 Watts of operating power offers, Layer 2 network management with additional Layer 3 capabilities, such as DHCP and static routing.

The need for higher wattage PoE continues to drive innovation throughout the industry. Models with up to 90W of energy can power a multitude of devices including outdoor PTZ cameras with heater/blower capabilities, large multi-sensor cameras, PoE Lighting, Wireless Access Points, and Access Control products. The AMG570 series features 8 Gigabit TX ports and 3 SFP ports that can transport 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 2.5Gbps Ethernet with available AMG SFP modules. Depending on the specified model, the 8 TX ports are designed to supply 15 – 90 watts of PoE.

The AMG570 Series managed Ethernet Switches are designed in the USA and UK and manufactured in an ISO9001-certified UK facility, are fully TAA and NDAA compliant, and unlike similar products from other Asian countries, can be used in all US Government installations.

The AMG570 Series models are manufactured in a rugged, thermally efficient enclosure designed to be DIN-Rail or wall mounted. The line is fully hardened and can operate in outdoors and extreme temperatures (-40 to +75°C).

The AMG570 Series is a true IEEE802.3bt device and can offer 15, 30, 60, and 90-watt power to edge PoE devices with multiple AMG power supply options. The AMG570 has the capability to provide PoE within the standards based 48-56VDC, 9-36VDC or 20-60VDC by utilizing an integrated voltage booster. This allows greater flexibility on installations where DC to DC conversion is not readily available, such as solar applications.

Tom Exley, AMG Technical Director adds “The AMG570 managed switch series sets the quality standard. Our engineering team looked at what was currently available, identified weaknesses, and engineered our product line to overcome those weaknesses. We believe in the quality and stand behind them with lifetime support. This switch opens dozens of applications that can now utilize PoE as the power source. Plus having a switch made in the UK gives your network an added layer of security.”

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