As a large part of our work includes Government and Secure Sites,
therefore we can't divulge specific details of some of the networks we design and build.

Application Solutions aims to provide insight into these projects, in more generic terms
and to explain the challenges and solutions achieved by these often highly classified briefs.

Please also see our Case Studies for detailed solutions to other projects
we have completed. Our Technical team will be more than happy to speak to you
about your particular requirements and help with your system design.


Honeywell Galaxy & IP CCTV Converged Network
for Wind Turbine Farm v2

Wind farms are normally remote and can cover a very large area. Standing over 100m tall and delivering up to 2 megawatts of power, each wind-turbine is a building in its own right. Requiring an intruder system to detect unauthorised entry and surveillance (CCTV) to monitor equipment and provide visual verification for staff health and safety.


Temporary highway maintenance

Maintenance of the Strategic Road Network is an essential part of ensuring the economic efficiency and growth of any nation. Keeping traffic flowing and workers safe during major road improvements and repairs requires effective monitoring and control with CCTV.


MSES Integrated Security System

Moving from a dedicated or proprietary communication network to a standards based converged IP network can offer real benefits, but it can come with some challenges. This is how AMG Systems migrated existing technology and hardware to a new platform with minimal cost, distribution and no loss of functionality or performance.

Transmission System for Submersible Remote Operator Vehicles.

Submersible ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) provide the essential off-shore service of observation, search, survey and diver support. Typically controlled from vessels or sea platforms, operators use live video transmitted from the submersible's on-board cameras to control operations in any ocean around the globe.

Integrated security system for multi-site Utilities plant.

Ensuring that a security system is robust and reliable is important for all industrial sites, but for a water treatment plant in the Utilities sector, it is essential. Control of staff access, monitoring of perimeter fencing & building intrusion are all critical to ensuring the correct operation of the plant, whether or not any damage or contamination is accidental or deliberate.



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