AMG expands their accessory range, adding new products designed to make installations easier & better protected

The new products offer protection from surges and provide easy to install IEC connections to our DIN rail power supplies

Many of our customers and installation partners have reported facing problems as more sites (and sometimes whole countries) are implementing stricter rules on exposed live mains terminals within equipment cabinets. This forced standard DIN rail power supplies to be either rejected for safety reasons or installed only by engineers with specific accreditation or approvals.
As a result, AMG has responded by introducing a range of power supplies that are both simple and safe to install. Our new IEC range of DIN rail power supplies retain the full industrial performance and certifications that a typical industrial DIN rail power supply provides. These models feature standard IEC input connections, which remove the need for exposed live terminals yet still offer the same features and performance as our standard DIN rail range. This adds only 2mm to the product width, meaning they are still some of the smallest DIN rail power supplies on the market. The new IEC range of DIN rail power supplies are designed to support the full range of AMG PoE devices and come in 120W, 240W and 480W outputs.
AMG products are designed for and installed in some of the harshest environments around the globe. These environments require products that operate in extreme temperatures from -40 to +75C.
Operating in these temperatures can leave valuable equipment exposed and susceptible to voltage surges. Extreme weather factors such as lightning or operational effects such as heavy plant machinery can create damaging surge events. AMG is launching the new AMG110M Ethernet surge protector to offer our customers further protection in these circumstances. This device is an ultra-compact unit designed to fit into an existing RJ45 port. When correctly earthed, this provides protection that meets EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-5 and IEC 61643-11, ensuring that expensive and sensitive equipment is adequately protected. The AMG110M can also support PoE devices up to 65W and is fully transparent to all protocols and traffic with support for full 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet speeds.

Full product details of the AMG PSU IEC Range can be found here
Full product details of the AMG 110M can be found here
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