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AMG9000 Commercial Ethernet

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For those applications where networking equipment can be housed in a controlled environment, commercial grade products provide the most cost effective solution to compliment Industrial grade equipment installed in harsher 'out at the edge' locations. Fully compatible with AMG's 'Industrial' grade equipment, commercial grade products are typically deployed centrally, providing the data collation to local servers, Video Management Systems (VMS), corporate network and Network Video Recording (NVR) solutions.

AMG9000 Commercial Ethernet

Designed for the job


AMG's Commercial Ethernet product line-up extends from media converters & range extenders to fully managed PoE+ and SFP modular switches and includes:
- PoE injectors and midspans
- Media converters (standalone and chassis rack mountable)
- Managed Ethernet switches
- Managed Ethernet switches up to 30 ports
- Managed SFP Switches

AMG9000 Commercial Ethernet Designed for the job

Commercial grade to compliment at-the-edge industrial networks

In contrast to AMG's Industrial ranges which are mainly surface and DIN rail mountable, the commercial range are predominately 19" rack mountable for communication and server rooms. Fully compatible with AMG's Industrial ranges and reputable manufacturers' equipment, all of our commercial switches deliver the same resilient operational performance as their hardened industrial network cousins. For example, MSTP, RSPT, ERPS redundant recovery rings with fast healing performance, fibre SFP cross-range compatible are common to all AMG products ensuring that the correct grade of equipment can be installed for the location without any loss of performance or compromise of resilience.


19" for centralised deployment

10/100/1000 Mbps:
to match edge networking equipment and infrastructure capability

High throughput bandwidth:
with a non-blocking architecture, preferable for large CCTV systems

Compliant with all IEEE 802.3 variants (u/ab/x/z):
full interoperability with other manufacturers' Ethernet networking equipment

Dual Speed SFP (100 and 1000 Mbps):
the flexibility of choice to mix and match fibre types, single or dual, without compromise on speed or distance.

PoE, PoE+ options:
for directly powering local network devices including IP CCTV cameras

choice of redundant network standards for high redundancy and fast healing protocols, depending on individual application/site requirements

IGMP Snooping:
required for effective data management of multicast traffic used in large scale CCTV systems

Port trunk functionality available with LACP:
Increase the bandwidth of connections between managed Ethernet switches

Models in 0 to +50 or -10 to +60 available?

AMG9000 Commercial Ethernet Case Study


AMG9000 Commercial Ethernet Schematics 1
AMG 24+4 Commercial Switches (x250) in large scale 3600 camera project using resilient single fibre ring