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AMG8000 Skywave wireless IP transmission

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/ Comprising both analogue and IEEE802.11 IP transmission systems capable of transmitting hundreds of high definition CCTV camera images many kilometres, AMG wireless transmission systems can be used as part of a small standalone or fully integrated security networked solution. Incorporating the latest technical standards, all AMG products are specifically designed for low latency, high bandwidth video transmission applications ranging from short distance (500m) point-to-point to multi-point-to-point 6Km high bandwidth systems capable of transmitting many hundreds of HD video images
AMG8000 Skywave wireless IP transmission

Designed for the job

/ Skywave digital IP systems are based on the 802.11 a/n/ac WLAN technology, especially adapted for transmitting video and telemetry in the 5.5GHz to 5.8GHz license free band. The system is flexible, offering various configurations from simple point-to-point to multiple camera applications. AMG Skywave systems are optimised for video, easy to install, configure with simple set-up procedures which require no specialist networking knowledge. All products are IP66 rated for external mounting and powered by PoE to facilitate installation
AMG8000 Skywave wireless IP transmission Designed for the job


AMG's encoder and decoder ranges are available in as standalone options for converting analogue video 'at the edge', rack mountable for centralised encoding and directly incorporated into our transmission equipment including the AMG8000 series of wireless 802.11 transmitters to suit the exact application requirements. With options of wide ranging temperature support and IP67 enclosures, both encoders and decoders are designed to meet the real life demands of industrial CCTV installations.


802.11 wireless technology:
unlicensed bands with no on-going license costs

Bandwidth options from 95Mbps 1Gbps
Scalable solution from single remote cameras up to >100 HD cameras

Wireless transmission distances from 500m to 6Kms
Cost effective short distance applications including carparks, outbuildings, perimeter fence lines up to metropolitan and large scale systems such as roads, railways and town centres

Optimised for video
Minimised lag and 24/7 real-time bandwidth utilisation

Multi-point-to-point base stations
Minimise receiver equipment, cabling, installation and servicing with just once receiver for multiple transmitters

Specialist antennas options
Ensure reliable operation and signal is optimised for the distance and bandwidth
Compact and light
Smaller and lighter than a hard-back book, AMG's ultra compact 95Mb transceivers are designed to be easy to install

Wide temperature range
-20°C to +70°C operation

Reducing civil engineering expense: transmitting video & data over roads, rivers, between buildings, campus sites, town centres, large distribution centres, along perimeter fence lines, roads, pipelines and carparks


AMG8000 Skywave wireless IP transmission Schematics 1
Multi-site wireless IP system with point to point and point to multipoint configuration