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Covering rail, highways, sea & airports and marine, AMG have a strong heritage of providing analogue, IP, Hybrid, fibre and wireless systems to countries around the world. Longevity of supply, reliability and robust performance are typical requirements of these systems which can be complex and span thousands of kilometres of infrastructure whilst demanding decades of reliable 24/7 operation.

AMG Systems have been providing large scale transmission systems the Transportation sector for nearly 20 years. Many of the systems have been primarily for the transmission of video from CCTV cameras, but with the advent of ‘Smart’ initiatives, data collation transmission and integration of signals, detection and measurement have increased the scope considerably. AMG have developed bespoke analogue and IP/Ethernet products that integrate with new and legacy equipment to enable multiple types of systems to share a common infrastructure without compromise. For example, AMG’s innovative Multi-Serial Ethernet Switch was created especially for the highways sector enabling hundreds of analogue cameras, IP cameras, signage, voice and data to share a single 130km ring of fibre.

Product performance and specification is important, but when critical parts of a system are either difficult or expensive reach due to restriction of access, good reliability is essential. This, combined with guaranteed longevity of supply, are 2 key reasons why AMG are a market leader in this sector .

Sites include:

• All major UK motorways (UK)
• Birmingham Digital Ring (UK)
• A1, M1, M5, M6, M25, M40, M42, M621 (UK)
• Belfast Westlink (UK)
• Hindhead Tunnel (UK)
• Hatfield Tunnel (UK)
• Blackwall Tunnel (UK)
• Dublin City Centre (Ireland)
• M1, M11, M50 (Ireland)
• Södra Länken Tunnel (Sweden)
• Malmö Tunnels. (Sweden)
• Athens Traffic, Control System. (Greece)
• Seoul, ITS National Road. (Korea)
• India
• Highways:
• Kadthal – Armur / NH7 (India)
• Bangalore – Hosur / NH7 (India)
• Salem – Kumarapalyam / N4 (India)
• Kumarapalyam – Chengapally / N47 (India)
• Bandra – Worli (India)
• Namkhyal Bypass (India)
• ITNL – Kothakata-Kurnool / NH7 (India)
• Gomti-Beawar Stretch / NH8 (India)
• L&TEBG – Surat-Dahisar / NH8 (India)
• L&TEBG – Rohtak-Bahadurgarh (India)
• NH 10,
• Gorakhpur, Ranchi Hazaribagh / NH 33 (India)
• Panipat Elevated Corridor (India)
• KrishnaGiri – Thopur Ghat (India)
• Jadcherla – Kothakatta (India)
• Palanpur – Swaroopganj (India)
• Vadodra – Bahruch (India)
• Pune Sholapur (India)
• Palm Tunnel, Abu Dhabi.(UAE)
• Stansted Airport (UK)
• Heathrow Airport (UK)
• Birmingham Airport (UK)
• London City Airport (UK)
• Liverpool Airport (UK)
• Cambridge Airport (UK)
• Glasgow Airport (UK)
• East Midlands Airport (UK) • Addis Ababa Airport (Ethiopia)
• Bangkok Airport (Thailand)
• Addu International (Maldives)

References include:
Birmingham Ring
Birmingham Ring

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