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Spanning analogue CCTV, IP Video, Access Control and Intrusion, security systems can vary in size and complexity. AMG transforms your security networks; future proof & straight forward.  AMG specialise in larger scale and industrial applications where equipment is located over a wide area often with externally monitoring multiple buildings, perimeter fence lines car parks, public areas and other important applications.

AMGs expertise is designing analogue, IP and wireless networks and providing the equipment that will reliably transmit video, telemetry, signals, access control data, events and alarms for the world’s leading electronic security product brands so they can operate optimally, regardless of distance and scale. Whether it is wirelessly transmitting a single external PTZ camera across a town centre or providing a Ethernet switch network that integrates access control, intruder and video across a highly resilient converged fibre network across a distribution centre facility, AMG understand the importance of real-time, high bandwidth data transmission.

With our latest range of managed Ethernet switches, AMG can integrate analogue and IP in a single one-box networking solution, allowing legacy systems to be upgraded vastly reducing the upgrade costs by enabling existing analogue cameras to plug directly into a full IP standalone or converged resilient managed network. As our switches are optimised for high bandwidth video and have PoE, PoE+ and even 90W High PoE, enough power to drive full PTZs with IR lighting and heaters directly up the network cable.

Sites include:

• Stockley Park (UK)
• Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh (UK)
• Centennial Business Park (UK)
• GlaxoSmithKline, Dartford (UK)
• GlaxoSmithKline (Nigeria)
• Temple Quay, Bristol (UK)
• Mars Confectionery (UK)
• Tesco (UK)
• Maclaren Formula 1 (UK)
• Formula 1 (Singapore)
• Formula 1, Gautam, (India)
• Computer Associates (UK)
• The Oracle (UK)
• Brindley Place (UK)
• Oxford Street (UK)
• East Kilbride (UK)
• Alshaya Outlets, (Bahrain)
• Deira City Centre
• Carillion Centre (Australia)
• Chelsea FC Football Stadium (UK)
• Wembley Football Stadium (UK)
• Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester (UK)
• Oxford University (UK)
• University of Hertfordshire (UK)
• Birmingham University (UK)
• Loughborough University (UK)
• Bexley Academy (UK)
• Swindon Academy (UK)
• Australian Schools, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

References include:
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