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Custom Build Solutions

For those requirements which cannot be met with our standard products, we are always happy to look at creating something extra special. It could be a tweak to an existing product or something quite unique and new

Many of our innovations incorporated in to our standard products were borne out of a technical problem or need for a more effective customer solution than was generally available in the marketplace.

From redesigning the product casing of a current product to tweaking the user interface to designing a product ‘from scratch’, AMG are always up for a challenge. The brief can be quite loose: “it just needs to be able to…” to a detailed technical specification, we welcome the opportunity to give it a go.

Applications which have involved specialist product development include:

Ultra compact analogue multichannel video, i/o gigabit Ethernet transmitter over single fibre, for remotely operated submersible vehicles

Ruggedised Managed PoE Ethernet switch with integrated analogue encoder for 200 camera single fibre fast healing ring over 120km network

Ruggedised Managed Ethernet switch with real-time, lag and lossless audio, FTT-10 & 20mA loop signals for 100 site Voice Evacuation converged network integrated system

Managed Ethernet switch with fully integrated MPEG2/JPEG/H.264 Video encoder with PTZ telemetry

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