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/ Product Description
Industrial Managed 10Gb Switch, 8 x 10/100/1000TX & 2 x 1/10Gb SFP+, -40°C to +75°C - SFP's NOT INCLUDED.
The AMG Industrial Managed Ethernet range of switches are designed for medium to large network environments to strengthen network connections. The entire range offers unique features which will prove of huge benefit when implementing IP-based, integrated security systems.
The switch is equipped with 2x 1/10G SFP+ as the uplink ports. The 10G uplink design provides an excellent solution for expanding your network from 1G to 10G. By 10G speed, this product provides high flexibility and high bandwidth connectivity to another 10G switch or the Servers, Workstations and other attached devices which support 10G interfaces. The user can also aggregate the 10G ports as Trunk group to enlarge the bandwidth.
The PoE units provide a simple solution for supplying full 30 watts of power to edge devices, such as PoE enabled PTZ domes, Access Control, etc without the need for extra power supplies.
Key Features
Managed Managed
8x 10/100/1000M 8x 10/100/1000M
2x 1/10Gb SFP 2x 1/10Gb SFP
12-48VDC, 17W 12-48VDC, 17W
DIN Rail DIN Rail
-40°C to +75°C -40°C to +75°C

Features & Benefits
Associated Parts
Features & Benefits
  • Layer 2+ Full Managed Software Features
  • 8x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 ports
  • 2x 1/10Gb SFP ports
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +75°C
  • Port Mirroring for network monitoring
  • IEEE 802.1d, IEEE802.1w and IEEE802.1s compliant
  • Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast storm control
  • Multicast VLAN Management for IPTV
  • QoS with Four Priority Queues
  • IEEE 802.1x Access Control improves network security
    Additional Information can be found on the associated Datasheet.
  • Spec Overview
    Associated Part:
    15Vdc, 24W Power Supply, DIN-Rail mounting. Suits all AMG9000 products except PoE, -40°C to +61°C, power derated between 61°C & to 71°C
    Associated Part:
    SFP+, 10Gb, dual fibre singlemode, 10km range (1310nm) DFB
    Associated Part:
    SFP+, 10Gb/s, dual-fibre, multimode, 300 metre range
    Document Date Added File Type Download
    AMG Industrial 10Gb Managed Switch Datasheet D39081-01.pdf February 23, 2018 PDF