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RM5800 Videowave radio wireless transmission

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/ AMG’s Videowave 5800 series of wireless video transceivers supports 1 channel of analogue video with 1 alarm channel and 1 audio transmitter or second alarm channel. Up to 4 links can be used on an installation. As with all AMG modem products, the Videowave 5800 series video and telemetry transceivers provides fully transparent operation regardless of the serial data protocol. Over-air speeds of up to 16Kbps are achievable and serial data can be input at baud rates up to 19200bps.
RM5800 Videowave radio wireless transmission

Designed for the job

/ The AMG5820 allows transmission of an analogue video signal with the option of up to 10 channels of RS485 telemetry data over short to medium distance (up to about 500m). Extended distances can be achieved with different antennas. Access to all user configurable parameters is possible using the on-board switches and operational status is easily monitored using the standard LED indicators.
RM5800 Videowave radio wireless transmission Designed for the job

Bridging the gap

For some CCTV installations and sites, laying cables to reach remote or hard to reach locations can be expensive, prohibitive, not allowed or simply not practical: rivers, roads, carparks, not having direct access rights, legal restrictions (including listed buildings) can make wireless transmission the best choice. Whether it is for a rural or urban installation, as long as there is a power source and line of sight, wireless can provide a quicker and more cost effective alternative to traditional cabling.


Designed specifically for CCTV:
optimised for video with telemetry channels for PTZ and Dome Camera control

Licence exempt operation (R&TTE Directive):
no licensing costs on the 5.725 to 5.875GHz band. Telemetry uses 400 to 470MHz band

1 channel of video per Transmitter and receiver pair:
allows up to 4 camera to be operation in the same location without interference

Up to 3Km transmission distance:
with suitable height and clear line of sight

64 Channels for Telemetry (15 UK spec):
control and receive data from multiple devices

Signal strength meter (on receiver):
visual indication for optimising transmission quality without the need for specialist equipment

IP67 weatherproof enclosures:
ensures reliable operation in all types of weather

Digital (alarm) channel (5801 version):
allows alarm warning for connected devices

Antenna included:
no additional antenna equipment required for standard transmission distances

Optional antennas available:
for specialist applications and extended range up to 3Km 12Vdc or 240Vac mains operation (12Vdc or 24Vac for AMG5820)


RM5800 Videowave radio wireless transmission Schematics 1
Videowave Multi-site wireless analogue camera installation with and without telemetry