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MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches

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/ MSES stands for 'Multi-Service Ethernet Switch', a hybrid technology that combines layer 2 managed Ethernet switch functionality with fully integrated data and voice communication. Supporting low speed data, RS232/485, FTT-10, I/O, alarm contacts & audio, non-IP-ready devices can to be directly connected to a network, without requirement for any additional hardware, converters and power supplies. With the option of integrated OnVif compliant video encoders, AMG MSES managed Ethernet switches can deliver a hybrid solution for CCTV, security, public address, intercom, Access Control, Intrusion Detection communication over a single converged network as well as provide a seamless upgrade path for many legacy systems.
MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches

Designed for the job

/ MSES products are fully hardened for 'at the edge' industrial applications, capable of coping with -40°C to +75°C operating environments. Gigabit Ethernet, 30W PoE+, SPF ports for every type of fibre including single mode fibre over 120Km. Rapid Spanning Tree, X-Ring and MSTP provide a wide range of 'self-healing' protocols, providing resilient architecture to protect against device and cable failures for those critical sites and applications that demand it. With a full range of connectivity options, MSES can provide a complete end-to-end networking solution or be added to an existing Ethernet network from any other reputable manufacturer. With the choice of data options, Video encoders and audio inputs, MSES Ethernet Switches is the perfect one box solution for all data communications over Ethernet.
MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches Designed for the job

Bringing it all together - In one box

Traditionally (and especially with Security installations), individual, separate and proprietary data communication networks have been installed for each any every type of system across a site. This approach is increasingly expensive not just to install, but to maintain and service. Even within the security sectors of access control, analogue CCTV, IP CCTV, intruder and public address, it is not uncommon to run separate cabling for each system. AMG's MSES products not only allow all of these technologies to share a common network, but also allows this data to be shared across a company's broader computer network. The benefits don't stop at sharing a common single 'converged' cabling infrastructure - by using Ethernet as the technology platform, MSES brings a host of benefits previously unavailable to proprietary networks: increased number of devices (cameras, panels, speakers etc.), greater resilience with 100% recovery (for example in the case of multiple cable breaks), ease of moving equipment (including control rooms) without requiring network infrastructure recabling, being able to remotely monitor the network for equipment issue and preventative maintenance checks - the list goes on. And that's without mentioning the benefits of data integration. For more information on how AMG can help you deliver these benefits, please contact us for advice and training opportunities.


Standalone and rackmount formats:
Standalone for surface mount in cabinets/poles and AMG rack mount 19" for centralised deployment

Direct connection of data & audio devices with any-to-any mapping:
RS485/RS232 (access control, intruder panels, telemetry etc.), closed contact (alarms in/out), FTT-10 (Lonworks) and audio options can be plugged in to any MSES and transparently transmitted to any other MSES device on the network

High speed data option:
For those applications that require ultra-low latency data transmission (<8ms), such as Honeywell Galaxy data bus transmission and LonWorks FTT-10, up to 4 channels can be added to MSES

10/100/1000 Mbps:
To cater for low speed devices, high bandwidth devices (including hi mega pixel cameras) and network ring/backhaul
Compliant with all IEEE 802.3 variants (u/ab/x/z):
Full interoperability with other manufacturers' Ethernet networking equipment

Dual Speed SFP (100 and 1000 Mbps):
Flexibility of choice to mix and match fibre types, single or dual, without compromise on speed or distance.

Choice of redundant network standards for high redundancy and fast healing protocols, depending on individual application/site requirements

IGMP Snooping:
Required for effective data management of multicast traffic used in large scale CCTV systems

Port trunk functionality available with LACP:
Increase bandwidth of connections between managed Ethernet switches

Full unified management interface:
Intuitive graphical interface representing switch front panel makes for quicker setup, commissioning and trouble-shooting Extended operating temperature compared with industry equivalents -40°C to +70°C

MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches Case Study


MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches Schematics 1
MSES Fully managed switches with integrated analogue video encoder deployed on a large scale Highway
MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches Schematics 2
MSES Fully managed switches with integrated analogue video encoder deployed on a large scale Highway
MSES Multi-Service Ethernet Switches Schematics 3
MSES Fully managed switches with integrated analogue video encoder deployed on a large scale Highway