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AMG9000 Managed Ethernet Switches

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AMG’s range of Industrial Managed Ethernet switches have all been designed to deliver high performance for applications in harsh environments with temperatures as wide ranging as -40° to 75°C. A full product line-up, from 2 port managed media converters to 28 ports is available in a range of physical formats to facilitate deployment anywhere on site: surface and DIN rail mount for 'at the edge' (roadside cabinets, poles etc.) to full 19" for cabinet rack fitting. All models are optimised for video and purposed designed to meet the demands and requirements of IP video and security surveillance and include key layer 2 functionality such as IGMP for multi-cast video and fast healing redundant architectures for large sites where breaks in cable and damage to equipment is an all too often occurrence.

AMG9000 Managed Ethernet Switches

Designed for the job


A range of form-factors are available depending on the specific site requirements. Ranging from very compact, DIN and surface mountable switches in AMG's robust purpose designed, extruded aluminium housing, to standard 19" format, the correct device for the exact location and purpose can be selected. Whether the switch requires to be located - in a confined space such as a pole and power multiple local cameras or connect multiple fibre rings 'in the field' or as a distribution switch at the core, AMG have the right product for the application.

AMG9000 Managed Ethernet Switches Designed for the job

Fit for purpose

Fully compatible and designed to work seamlessly with AMG's Commercial and Industrial ranges of media converters, unmanaged and semi-managed switches, all are designed for high bandwidth video operation for surveillance and security applications. The wide choice enables the right product to be selected for the location requirements without burdening the installation with unnecessary costs and compromising performance, resilience and longevity. AMG offer extended warranties and guaranteed repair/replacement on some models on request.


Fanless passive cooling:
Operating temperature ranges of -10°C to +60°C and 'Industrial hardened' of -40°C to +75°C

Mounting options:
DIN rail, surface and 19" rack mount to suit location requirements

Ultra compact extruded aluminium case:
Very robust construction, suitable for confined spaces including roadside cabinets and camera poles

PoE, PoE+ and High PoE (90W per port) Options:
for directly powering local network devices including IP PTZ CCTV cameras, heaters and lights

Choice of redundant network standards for high redundancy and fast healing protocols, depending on individual application/site requirements

IGMP Snooping:
Required for effective data management of multicast traffic used in large scale CCTV systems

10/100/1000 Mbps:
To match edge and core network infrastructure requirement

Dual Speed SFP ports:
For direct connection to fibre spurs, rings, multiple rings and media converters.

High throughput bandwidth:
With non-blocking architecture, preferable for large CCTV systems

Compliant with all IEEE 802.3 variants (u/ab/x/z):
Full interoperability with other manufacturers' Ethernet networking equipment

Port trunk functionality available with LACP:
Increase bandwidth of connections between managed Ethernet switches

Hybrid (analogue data, voice and video) options:
See MSES range for advanced features and case studies