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AMG9000 Compact Semi-managed Ethernet Switches

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The key to designing an efficient and cost effective Ethernet network to support a large security system is in the network topology and selection of network equipment. What if you could achieve class-leading performance without the need for large quantities of overly complicated and expensive network devices? AMG’s range of compact Semi-Managed Ethernet switches have been created with this in mind, combining technology, performance and design into a comprehensive range specifically built for larger site, externally positioned IP CCTV cameras. AMG's Semi-Managed technology allows more cameras to share the same unmanaged network infrastructure whilst reducing the chance of broadcast data storms which can occur especially when cameras are set to multicast.

AMG9000 Compact Semi-managed Ethernet Switches

Designed for the job


Passive cooling, aluminium construction, compact design, DIN & surface mountable and wide temperature range options make these products ‘fit and forget’. Because they are all semi-managed, no programming, configuration or setup is required either: quicker to install and less complex to maintain. AMG’s wide range of compatible SFPs offer huge flexibility in choice of optical media including multi-mode and single-mode optical fibre up to distances of 120Km.

AMG9000 Compact Semi-managed Ethernet Switches Designed for the job

Fit for purpose

AMG's Semi-managed technology allows for these switches to be daisy chained effectively and safely even when cameras are multicasting as data is not sent between copper Ethernet ports, helping to preventing data flooding and storms. These purpose designed Industrial specification switches are tailor-made to go in camera poles, cabinets and the myriad of other typically small housings required for CCTV mounting and positioning. With a choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 Ethernet ports coupled with either 1 or 2 SFP (small form-factor pluggable) fibre module port(s), just one AMG network device is required per location, even for multiple cameras, reducing cabling and equipment costs.


Semi managed uplink port:
One level up from ‘unmanaged’, the Semi-managed functionality prevent multicast flooding to local Ethernet connected devices. Ideal for CCTV applications where cameras are set to multi-cast and managed switches are either cost prohibitive or require too much programing and on-going maintenance.

Ruggedised & compact design:
Ideal for confined spaces such as housings, camera poles and cabinets. Data and fibre ports are all on the front for easy access and power (including redundant supply) conveniently located on the top. Aluminium casing provides a robust mechanical design with passive cooling – no fans and lower power consumption.

1,2, 4 & 8 Ethernet ports:
select the right number of ports to match the number of cameras/devices at each location.

Media converter, unmanaged or semi-managed functionality:
wide range of product options for the type of CCTV system deployed and the network topology.

“Drop and insert”:
daisy chain multiple switches over single fibre cable to multiple cameras locations.

PoE/PoE+ per port: Up to 30W per Ethernet port provides power to connected PoE enabled devices, eliminating the need for additional and multiple power supplies and associated cabling.

DIN or surface mount:
DIN mounts are provided as standard but can be quickly removed for surface mounting as required.

Supports plug in SFP modules:
Choose from the wide range of available SPFs (small form pluggable) required to match the fibre type and length, from multi-mode single fibre to single-mode dual fibre and distances of 120Km. Ethernet modules are also available including extended Ethernet allow 100Mbps over 500m of standard CAT5e.

1Gbps or 100Mbps:
Choice of speed to match the transmission and bandwidth requirement.

Extreme temperature range:
For temperate climates or more extreme environments, choice of units are designed for -10°C to 60°C or -40°C to 75°C operation, rugged enough the most demanding industrial environments.

No setup:
no IP addressing or configuration required for any of the Compact Industrial Ethernet range.

AMG9000 Compact Semi-managed Ethernet Switches Case Study


AMG9000 Compact Semi-managed Ethernet Switches Schematics 1
Compact Media Converters and Unmanaged Ethernet Switches basic Schematic