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6000 Series

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/ The AMG6000 series of analogue fibre transmission equipment is a multiple transmitter 'drop and insert' system designed for fibre ring applications. With multiple video channels, low speed data and audio signals transmission capability per transmitter device, up to 8 transmitter units can be placed on a single fibre ring. The AMG6000 series is designed for singlemode fibre only.
6000 Series

Designed for the job

/ Delivering highly resilient and managed transmission of up to 8 video, 16 data and 16 audio signals per fibre ring, the AMG6000 ranges is ideal for medium sized installations where performance and reliability are of paramount importance. Analogue video is transmitted in a real time uncompressed loss-less digital format, there is no latency or compromise on quality making it idea for PTZ cameras and real-time data transmission. AMG's optional NMS (Network Management System) is SNMP compatible and provides alarms associated with any break in the optical fibre together with loss of video signals, essential for preventative monitoring of critical sites.
6000 Series Designed for the job

Resilient fibre ring technology

The unique drop and insert system allows up to 8 transmitters per fibre ring without any loss of performance. Equipment can be configured to collect individual, or multiple video signals e.g. along a highway, a rail link or airport perimeter in a ‘daisy chain’, transmitting them all back to one or more control rooms. This allows for significant savings on fibre optic infrastructure when compared with traditional point to point methods of video collection. Systems can be designed in a ‘spur’ or a ‘ring’ depending on site requirements and when configured in a dual redundant/self-healing ring option, the AMG6000 series ensures no loss of signal following a catastrophic fibre or node failure making it ideal for critical sites.


Real-time loss-less digital transmission:
No loss of quality and zero lag, ideal for telemetry controlled PTZ CCTV cameras and transmission of time critical data such as serial bus data and alarms

High capacity ring topology:
Up to 64 video signals, 128 data/audio signals transmitted simultaneously on one fibre

Dual Optical Redundancy:
Both transmission paths are continually monitored and will self-heal automatically when a fibre break is detected

Built-in redundant switching:
No additional mechanical switching required to provide resilient ring operation

Simultaneous multiple video, Ethernet, data and audio transmission:
Only one transmission device required at each location to service multiple cameras a data devices

Wide link dynamic range:
No link margin adjustment required for installation, just plug in and switch on

Front panel LED status indicators:
Provide at a glance status monitoring

Plug in module for AMG2009 19” subracks:
Ability to mix multimode and singlemode products in the same rack

Data interface daughter board configurable:
Ability to address any interface protocol

Standalone and rackmount design
Rack mounts provide space saving, 19" rack, hot-swappable installation, reducing maintenance and wiring complexity. Standalone units are provided with clip-in mounting plates, idea for surface mounting in cabinets, walls, poles and confined spaces

SNMP compliant network management
Provides remote fault reporting and diagnosis

LED status indicators
Provide sophisticated fault diagnostics at a glance

Transportation, road, rail, metro/light rail, Inner & Inter town/city centres, large general CCTV infrastructure sites, Petrochem, campus sites


6000 Series Schematics 1
Redundant loop with multiple cameras in multiple locations example