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Seamless Upgrade Path For Many Legacy Systems

Multi-Service Ethernet Switch is a hybrid technology that combines layer 2 managed Ethernet switch functionality with fully integrated data and contacts communication.

AMG system´s hardened Multi-Service Ethernet switches have been designed to meet the high reliability requirements for rugged outdoor and harsh industrial environments.

As well as supporting Layer 2 Managed Ethernet functionality, this product also supports the integration of low-speed and high speed I/O, allowing Serial Ports and Alarm Contacts to be directly connected to the switch, without any requirements for additional hardware.

Serial ports and Alarm I/O can be configured as either point-to-point and point-to-multipoint circuits, or as virtual circuits when interfaced with Management Systems.

These flexible, compact and easy to use fully managed Ethernet switches also have the benefit of Ring Healing Protocols, and IGMP functionality to deal with the multicast traffic which is commonly used in IP CCTV deployments.

In one box, bringing it all together.

  • Industrial Managed switch
  • Contact closure
  • Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af/at
  • Up to 24x 10/100/1000Tx RJ45
  • Up to 8x 100/1000BaseFx SFP
  • Bi-directional RS485 Data
  • Oper. temperature -40°C ~ +75°C

Designed for the job.

  • Single box design
  • Optimized for security application
  • Integrated IP video, RS232, RS485 & alarm I/O
  • Low latency for video transmission
  • Full management
  • Robust chassis
  • Reliability

Supporting low speed and high speed data, RS232/485, FTT-10, I/O, alarm contacts & audio, non-IP-ready devices can to be directly connected to a network, without requirement for any additional hardware, converters and power supplies.

Serial data RS485/RS232 can be directly plugged in to any Multiservice switch and transparently transmitted to any other Multi-service switch on the network.
The customer can transmit data from access control, intruder panels or telemetry over an Ethernet network to the control room easily and cost effectively.
AMG Multi-service switches provide up to 4 serial data channels.
Serial data topology:

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint

Contacts can be directly plugged in to any Multi-service switch and transparently transmitted to any other Multi-service
The customer could easily transmit data from alarm (in/out) over an Ethernet network to the control room easily and cost effectively.
AMG Multi-service switches provide up to 16 contact channels.

Contact closure topology:

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint

AMG Systems provide flexible solutions where a multi-service switch based system could be designed directly for your application needs.
AMG, a project oriented UK Networking and Transmission product manufacturer, offer a range of MSES (Multi-Service Ethernet Switches) to meet the requirements of your applications. With a range of Ethernet and SFP Port counts available, alongside the Serial Data, Contact Closure and Audio options

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