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Pre-Configured For Secure And Reliable IP CCTV

AMG Industrial Semi-Managed Ethernet switch series with uplink management functionality is design to combine data from the electrical ports to the optical uplink port and forwards this data to the next network device.

AMG´s range of Industrial Semi-Managed Ethernet switches can be daisy chained effectively and safely even when cameras are multicasting. As data is not sent between copper Ethernet ports, it helps in preventing data flooding and storms.
These purpose designed Industrial specification switches are tailor-made to go in camera poles, cabinets and the myriad of other typically small housings required for CCTV mounting and positioning. With a choice of up to 20x Ethernet ports coupled with up to 8x SFP (small form-factor pluggable) fibre module ports, just one AMG network device is required per location, even for multiple cameras, reducing cabling and equipment costs. 
AMG´s industrial range have all been designed to deliver high performance for applications in harsh environments with temperatures as wide ranging as -40° to 75°C.

Robust and Reliable.

  • Industrial Semi-Managed switch
  • Up to 20x 10/100/1000Tx RJ45
  • Up to 8x 100/1000BaseFx SFP
  • PoE IEEE 802.3af/at (up to 90W)
  • Pre-programmed Ports for uplink
  • Redundant power supply input 
  • Near Plug&Play operation
  • Oper. temperature -40°C ~ +75°C

Fit for purpose.

  • No Programing required
  • Optimized for IP CCTV applications
  • PoE, PoE+ and Ultra PoE (up to 90W per port)
  • Low latency for video transmission
  • Reliability & longevity
  • Ultra compact extruded aluminium case

AMG’s range of Semi-Managed Ethernet switches have been created with combining technology, performance and design into a comprehensive range specifically built for larger site, externally positioned IP CCTV cameras.
Semi-Managed technology allows more cameras to share the same unmanaged network infrastructure whilst reducing the chance of broadcast data storms which can occur especially when cameras are set to multicast.


AMG Industrial Semi-Managed switches are near plug-and-play devices ideal for those users who may not be familiar with the intricacies of setting up and maintaining a managed Ethernet network.
Even though, adjustments or settings are not required, The Semi-Managed solution provide higher security than unmanaged switches.
All copper ports on the switch are directly interconnected with SFP up link port and all copper ports are isolated from each other.

Multicast flooding prevention

One level up from 'unmanaged', The Semi-Managed functionality prevents multicast flooding to local Ethernet connected devices.
You can use daisy chain switches over single fiber cable to multiple locations without data flooding and storm.
It is an ideal solution for CCTV applications where cameras are setto multicast and managed switchesare either cost prohibitive or require too much programing and on-going maintenance.
Using AMG Industrial Semi-Managed switches provides a lower cost option for multicast systems.

Our switches based on your requirements.

AMG Systems provide flexible solutions where a managed switch based system could be designed directly for your application needs.
AMG, a project oriented UK Networking and Transmission product manufacturer, offer a range of Semi-Managed switches to meet the requirements of your applications.

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