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Industrial Wireless Transmission Solution

Wireless transmission links and networks can be deployed rapidly and provide low latency and high video quality suited to modern security and surveillance applications.

AMG system´s network wireless range operates in the license-free 5Ghz band to deliver secure and stable video, voice and data transmission for a range of IP devices including Megapixel cameras, encoders and decoders.
End users receive high speed links with minimal operating cost and ensures the wireless network is not the slowest link in your network performance. 
With years of experience in designing and supplying outdoor wireless networks, AMG is one of the leading UK company capable of providing unique industrial wireless transmission solutions.

Near Plug and Play operation.
Power up, point the units towards each other and start transmitting.

  • Data rates up to 868Mbps
  • Distances up to 6 km
  • Qualcomm Commercial 802.11a/n/ac
  • PTP and PTM Bridging Applications
  • MIMO integrated/external Antenna
  • 5/10/20/40Mhz Channel-width
  • IP67 Rated housing
  • Power by PoE (802.3af)

Engineered for Extremes.

  • High Speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Mobility
  • Connect difficult to access location
  • Easy installation
  • Outdoor usage

The AMG Skywave III line is available as an easy, pre-packaged Point-to-Point kit that contains everything you need to establish remote connectivity to Ethernet edge devices. Also available are Point-to-Multipoint models that allow multiple edge device locations to connect to a single access point.
Skywave III will support throughputs of up to 868Mbps for distances up to 6km. Transmission between radios is secure and uses encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the network.

Point to Point

Point to Point wireless network links connect two location together through Line of Sight (LOS). Radios operate unlicensed radio frequencies with speed up to 868Mbps with maximum operational distance up to 6km.
Units in packages are pre-configured as base unit and single satellite, to make system installation easier and more flexible.

  • Building to building connectivity
  • Lease line replacement
  • Fiber line replacement
  • Connect difficult to access locations
  • Wireless as failover

Point to Multipoint

Point to Multipoint wireless network links are used to interconnect multiple locations to a central base unit through Line of Sight (LOS) operation.
One base unit can manage up to 4 satellites simultaneously. The base unit radios are available with internal as well as with external antennas. External antennas can cover a larger area and it ensures a great solution for every  application.

  • Connecting multiple building
  • Connect difficult to access locations
  • CCTV solutions

Redundant Path

AMG Systems´s Skywave III could be used for a redundant network solution.
If you have got critical infrastructure and need to ensure 100% connectivity, wireless connection could be key.
In case of wire connection failure, caused by wire damage, wireless connection is used as a redundant path.

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