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Skywave II for Wireless Video & Ethernet from AMG Systems

AMG has unveiled a new digital wireless transmission solution for Video and Ethernet based on 802.11 WLAN technology.

Skywave II™ is especially adapted for transmitting video and telemetry in the 5.5 GHz to 5.7 GHz license free band. Offering various configurations from simple point-to-point to multiple camera applications, Skywave II is a very flexible product. As is always the case with AMG’s products, it’s simple to use, with simple set-up procedures which require no specialist networking knowledge.

International Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Systems, Sara Bullock, says, “Skywave II is an ideal solution for projects where you have a transmission section without fibre. This could for example be on a section of a highway where there is no ready access to fibre, which is often the case in urban areas. Hence, using wireless transmission to bridge the gap is a cost effective means to connect ‘IP’ signals for onwards transmission to the control room integrated within the same transmission network saving the costs of digging in additional cables This is the case for some parts of the solution we have supplied for Dublin City Council in Ireland where they’re running a comprehensive ITS and Traffic Management system in and around Dublin.”

Skywave II comes with two different options: using IP cameras, in which case customers only require the radio network components from AMG, and NVR software in the receiving control centre. It is also possible to use standard analogue cameras with the addition of IP encoders and decoders from 3rd party suppliers. It is further possible to construct a hybrid system with a mix of IP and analogue cameras.

Skywave II also comes prepared for the addition of a PoE injector or a PoE enabled switch.

Skywave II ™ @ a Glance:

  • 95 Mbps and 240 Mbps thru put
  • 2-60 km range of sight (LOS)
  • Point-to-point or multipoint-to-point
  • PoE compatible
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Sign strength indication
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption for secure transmission
  • Web upgradeable firmware
  • Weatherproof