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AMG Systems’ Wonderbox range integrated with Meyertech FUSION Core Solar VMS

Combination of AMG and Meyertech solutions aimed to bridge the gap between IP and Analogue systems especially in ITS applications

AMG, the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission solutions and sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, have entered an agreement with technology partner Meyertech Ltd. The agreement will see AMG’s Wonderbox - a series of ruggedised Ethernet switches launched in 2013, integrated with Meyertech’s FUSION-Core-Solar Video Management software (VMS).

Ben Nelson, Technical Support Team Leader at Meyertech, says, “Overall, the WonderBox integrates seamlessly into Meyertech’s FUSION-Core-Solar Video Management software (VMS). FUSION-Core-Solar already provides significant advantages as a standalone product, but when combined with the Wonderbox; its potential capabilities expand exponentially. Third party analogue camera control can be achieved via the ONVIF interface direct from FUSION, and the number of different network interfaces on the WonderBox (Fibre, Ethernet, and RS-422/485) makes it a very flexible and powerful camera interface unit. The combination of Meyertech’s FUSION-Core-Solar and AMG’s WonderBox has helped bridge the divide between IP and analogue systems.”

Sara Bullock, Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Group, says, “We are delighted with Meyertech’s decision to incorporate the Wonderbox range with their existing FUSION-Core-Solar Video Management System. FUSION is an IP platform which also has the facility for analogue outputs and with this flexibility, provides a huge amount of customizability for the client. This approach allows you to retain existing analogue equipment alongside new ‘IP’ cameras/devices within the same network, dramatically reducing infrastructure requirements and capital expenditure on hardware for new systems. With the integration with our own Wonderbox range, another step has been taken in bridging the IP-analogue gap, particularly in the ITS sector.”

About Meyertech

Established in 2000, but with roots that go back to 1991, Meyertech is a British designer of Video Management Systems. Headquartered in Manchester, England, Meyertech is a leading technology company in the video security industry, designing and developing network, hybrid and analogue video surveillance solutions.

Meyertech's broad product portfolio which, is researched, designed and developed at its UK R&D facility, covers the entire spectrum of video management systems, from high quality analogue systems to leading edge digital IP solutions all of which are designed to be supportable for a long service life in excess of 10 years. Meyertech produces two main product lines based on analogue and digital-IP technology, FUSION® video management software and ZoneVu® integrated video systems.