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AMG Systems launches 6100 Series

AMG Systems announces that the company is launching a new series of Drop & Insert Dual Redundant Fibre Optic transmission solutions for the CCTV Security Market. The new 6100 series brings together the benefits of the most sophisticated high end transmission technology used in transportation systems in a new low cost product range designed for the general security market.


This unique product offering provides transmission of up to 8 video channels along with one low speed data channel and can be configured in either a single fibre ‘drop and insert’ topology or linear spurs. This approach provides for significant cost savings on the infrastructure, installation and maintenance without any increase in equipment cost. It can be configured to collect individual, or multiple video signals e.g. around a site perimeter, a city centre or prison facility in a ‘daisy chain’ and transmit them all back to one or multiple control rooms or drop off sites. This truly allows for significant savings on fibre optic infrastructure when compared with traditional methods of video collection i.e. single channel point to point transmission. A new key feature in the product range is the sophisticated built-in LED diagnostics which enables the location of a fibre breakage to be easily identified from any equipment location from any position within the loop.

Founder and MD of AMG Systems, Dr. Alan Hayes says, “We wanted to develop a product which offers multi-channel drop and insert video transmission together with associated low speed data signals on one resilient singlemode fibre loop, utilising self-healing ring capabilities – with a very affordable price tag. I am delighted to say that we have achieved this objective with the new 6100 series. The new solution offers real time full bandwidth video transmitted in digital format. This ensures high quality transmission regardless of distance. As there is no compression of the video, there is no latency or compromise on quality”.

The new 6100 series is configured for dual optical redundancy operation where both transmission paths are continually monitored. It should also be noted that AMG’s technology does not utilise mechanical switches or couplers. Any breaks in connectivity are automatically detected and the unit switches into dual redundant mode.

The product comes in 1, 2 and 4 channel insert options in both standalone and rackmount formats to ensure maximum system versatility. As always with AMG’s products, ease of installation is at the forefront. The 6100 series can be delivered with a dedicated Network Management System (NMS), providing alarms associated with the breaks in the optical fibre together with loss of video signals. The NMS system can also operate with SNMP management.