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AMG Supplies Integrated Transmission Solution for EirGrid East West Interconnector

The Interconnector project connects the electricity grids of Ireland and Britain to ensure Ireland's energy security.

AMG, the world leading manufacturer of transmission solutions, has supplied their AMG5600 series transmission solution and their ruggedized AMG 9000 unmanaged Ethernet switches for the integrated security & surveillance solution at the new EirGrid East West Interconnector. The Interconnector runs between the electricity grids of Ireland and Britain and was developed by EirGrid, the state owned company that operates Ireland’s national electricity grid. The Interconnector will help to ensure Ireland always has enough electricity to meet its needs into the future. It can also be used to export any excess energy that is produced in Ireland to the markets in Britain and vice versa. The Systems Integrator for the security & surveillance solution is Reliance High-Tech, part of Reliance Security Group, a leader in the development, delivery and management of end-to-end technology based security solutions.

Neal Smith, Major Projects Manager of Reliance High-Tech, says, “The EirGrid East West interconnector project called for a comprehensive electronic security solution. It comprises an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) with CCTV, including Thermal Imaging Cameras, fully functional PTZ domes and static cameras interfaced to a Pulse Secure electrified fence. The solution also covers Access Control, Audio Video Intercom and an Intruder Detection System (IDS). All the individual systems are connected into the Reliance High-Tech (RHT) Remote Management Facility to manage and monitor the entire system remotely. From the onset we wanted to implement a fibre optic based solution. AMG Systems was our choice both for termination of the fibre cables on both sites as well as for the transmission technology. Because of the geographical lay-out on both sites, the most appropriate system design is a point-to-point network topology using AMG 5600 for video and contact-closure transmission. The transmission system delivers a multitude of signals, from video only to video and audio, bi-directional data, audio and contact closure signals over multimode fibre back to the control rooms. There was also a requirement for Ethernet transmission and to this end we’re using ruggedized AMG 9000, unmanaged switches. The main reason for implementing AMG’s technology is that they deliver a proven solution in the design we wanted, using very robust transmission equipment capable of multi signal transmission. AMG’s equipment also has an extremely low failure rate and, significantly, there is zero interference from High Voltage Power Lines going into the transmission solution.”

Sara Bullock, International Sales and Marketing Director of AMG Group, comments, “Security & Surveillance Solutions for the energy sector pose special challenges. Designated critical infrastructure with long lifespans, such as electricity stations, are often located in remote areas. It is, therefore, very important to find the right solution that ensures not only the highest level of security catering to current demand but, more to the point, is prepared and proofed for future requirements. AMG has delivered transmission solutions for energy projects in many different geographical regions and we’re extremely pleased that our transmission solution has been chosen for the EirGrid East West Interconnector project.”

The EirGrid East West Interconnector is considered part of Ireland’s National Critical Infrastructure. The project is co-sponsored by the European Union’s European Energy Programme for Recovery and is capable of carrying 500 megawatts of electricity - the equivalent of powering approximately 300,000 homes.