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AMG selected for Traffic Management Solutions on Five Highway Projects in India

AMG Systems announces that the company has been contracted by EFKON Group India – now part of Strabag SE - to supply its innovative fibre optic transmission system Guardian-Lite™ 3700 for traffic management and control on several projects on National Highways No 7, No 47 and around Mumbai City in India.

EFKON says that these new projects are very complex, involving several different types of field equipment all networked into a centralised control centre. Furthermore, the design has to be modular and future proof in order to allow for up-grades which can work for the life of the concession agreement. The main reason cited for choosing AMG’s Guardian–Lite 3700 transmission solution is the reliability and ease of integration. In all of the new projects AMG is transmitting signals to and from PTZ cameras. Some of the projects also involve tolling with multiple toll plazas. In those cases, the transmission solution is also handling Toll data, ECB audio and VMS data.

The new projects undertaken by EFKON concern the following stretches: NH7 Kadthal to Armur and Bangalore to Hosur, NH47 Salem to Kumarapalyam and onwards to Chengapally as well as Bandra to Worli around Mumbai City. These new installations mean that AMG's products have now been supplied for the transmission solutions for Indian Highways projects totalling more than 700 km.

Ms. Sheetal Shanbhag, Country Head for AMG Systems in India explains, “The AMG solutions supplied are dual redundant as all projects are considered to be observation critical 24 hours a day. The control centre for the NH7 project is situated at one end of the stretch, where NH47 is located in the middle of the stretch, so we have to transmit the signals over very long distances. One of the main advantages of using the 3700 series for these projects is that we can offer a very cost effective solution. As we have worked with EFKON on previous projects we are also able to offer technical insight and expertise. With the road construction projects currently underway, India truly is a prime market for AMG’s uncompressed digital CCTV transmission solutions for traffic management”.

Commenced in 1998 and aimed to create world class roads with uninterrupted traffic flow in a country where 80% of passenger traffic and 65% of freight is totally dependent on the road infrastructure, the Indian National Highways Development Project (NHDP) is one of the world’s largest highways projects. With a network covering some 3.314 million Km of roadways (2.1 Million Miles) the road infrastructure is the main catalyst for development of key sectors of the economy in India. Although the National Highways ”only” cover around 2% of the roads, they total a massive 66,590 km carrying around 40% of the total traffic across the length and breadth of the country.