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AMG-Panogenics and Synectics in Technology Partnership

PanoCam360 integrated into Synergy™ Enterprise

AMG Systems, the British manufacturer of sophisticated Megapixel cameras and CCTV transmission technology, has entered a technology partnership with Synectics, and their PanoCam360 fisheye camera is now fully integrated into the Synergy security management system.

Jonathan Squires, Technology Applications Manager from Synectics, says, “The PanoCam360 can be recorded by Synectics’ Recording Management System and the image / stream can be viewed in Synectics’ security management software, Synergy, in its native, 360 format. The image can also be de-warped, and using Synergy, users can apply a digital zoom on the image.”

David Myers, CTO of AMG-Panogenics, comments, “PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. The camera is completely developed and manufactured in the UK and works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate.”

Synergy is Synectics’ security management solution for multi-vendor environments. One of the main features of Synergy is that it dramatically simplifies the human interface, furnishing operators with a simple, fast and intuitive route to all common system functions. It further features a range of module additions designed with specific application sectors in mind. Synergy therefore addresses the requirement of system operators and managers to provide a practical control and administration solution that can deliver the flexibility of operation - as demanded by today's increasingly complex systems.

For more information about the camera, the integration with Synergy, or to book a demonstration, please contact sales@amgsystems.com or browse the IP Camera pages of this website.