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AMG launches World's Most Sophisticated Single Channel Transmitter

AMG Systems announces that the company’s Vision 5000 series has been enhanced with additional transmission options. Users are particularly impressed with the dimensions of the mini transmitter.

In addition to high resolution video at 728 TV Lines the transmitter -which is as small as the size of your palm (55 x 55 x 26 mm) and weighing only 150g – can now achieve transmission distances in excess of 7 km on multimode fibre (Vision 5600) and more than 40 km with the Vision 5700 singlemode version.

Other new 5000 features include transmission of up to 5 low speed data/audio channels and up to 18 uni-directional or 9 bi-directional contact closures, alongside uncompressed video, on a single fibre core.

Founder and MD of AMG Systems, Dr. Alan Hayes, says, “AMG always strive to bring best-of-breed transmission products to market. This new enhanced transmitter is without doubt the most sophisticated single channel transmission device available in the market today. We have further aimed at ensuring that the Vision 5000 transmission system provides high quality, low cost transmission of uncompressed video signals in full bandwidth to ensure optimum performance regardless of distance. There is no latency and no compromise on quality. The range has built-in automatic gain control (AGC), provides true ‘plug-and-play’ capability, and we also offer dual optical redundant options. I would like to point out that AMG’s dual redundancy does not utilise mechanical switches or couplers, and both transmission paths are continuously monitored. I am confident that the enhanced transmission features will benefit many of our customers in terms of saving space in the control room and the mini in particular allows for extremely easy and convenient mounting in the field.”

Vision 5000 @ a Glance

  • Mini, stand alone and rack mount formats for minimum space usage
  • Multiple data options available via auxiliary data channels
  • Up to 18 uni-directional or 9 bi-directional contact closures
  • AC or DC supply voltage accepted by the ‘mini’ camera module
  • Plug.-in module allowing for mix with other products in the AMG range
  • Dual redundant option available
  • Designed for the latest generation of cameras with 728 TV lines
  • High MTF of > 250,000 hours
  • Suitable for extreme temperature environments (-40 to +74° Celsius)