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AMG launches New Series of Ethernet Products

AMG is launching a new series of Ethernet products covering a range of single fibre media converter applications catering to projects where the number of fibres available are at a premium.

The new products also include a series of Power over Ethernet plus devices (PoE+), including industrial and commercial PoE+ switches and media converters delivering 30 Watts per port – enough to power PTZ cameras.

International Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Systems, Sara Bullock, says, “As many projects move increasingly towards IP, AMG is steadily increasing our range of Ethernet products to cater to the growing demand in the market. We’re pleased to be able to offer the market's first 30Watt PoE+ device as a result of increased demand for a solution to power PTZ cameras over Ethernet. We expect to continue to add new products to our range at a steady pace in the future.”

Product Highlights @ a Glance:

Power over Ethernet Devices

5 port 10/100BaseT PoE+ and 2 port 1000 Lx SFP ports Industrial managed PoE+ switch


  • Five full 30watt PoE ports for powering latest generation of IP domes
  • Industrial style case allows mounting in external cabinets in high temperature/humidity locations
  • Managed switch suitable for IP cameras
  • Dual redundant power supply
  • 2x Gigabit SFP/copper ports allows easy connection with fibre optic cable, up to 70km on singlemode

8 port 10/100BaseT PoE+ and 2 port 100/1000 Lx SFP ports Commercial managed PoE+ switch


  • Conveniently connect and power up to eight PoE+ cameras from a central location
  • Eight full 30watt PoE+ ports for powering the latest generation of IP PTZ domes
  • Fully managed switch
  • 2x Gigabit SFP/copper ports allows easy connection with fibre optic cable, up to 70km on Singlemode

Single fibre media converters

  • Link distant IP cameras and IP devices over long distances using single fibre optic cable
  • Unique to AMG Single fibre multimode and Singlemode media converters
  • Send 100Base Fx or 1000Base Lx over a single fibre
  • Ideal for applications where the total number of available fibres are limited
  • Plug and Play installation which is totally transparent to the IP network
  • 2km 100Fx on multimode fibres and up to 70km 1000Lx on Singlemode fibre

10/100 to 100FX media converters with built in PoE injectors


  • Connect and power remote IP cameras beyond the normal 100 metre Cat5 limit using fibre optic cable
  • Totally transparent communication requiring minimal setup and installation
  • Conveniently power and connect data to IP cameras from one location
  • 15watt and 30watt options available
  • Industrial (Outdoors) and Commercial (Indoors) units available
  • Multimode and Singlemode from 2km to 30km using built in fibre ports

Gigabit SFP switches

  • Connect up to 24 remote fibre devices on one powerful fully managed switch
  • Connect remote devices without the need of using separate media converters and racks
  • 16x 100/1000 SFP ports and 8x 10/100/1000 combo copper/SFP ports

AMG stocks a full range of all products. More information as well as datasheets can be found on the AMG website (www.amgsystems.com).