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Cathexis integrates AMG-Panogenics Technology

South African company chooses 5 Megapixel PanoCam360 for integration with their CatVision IP Surveillance Software Suite

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, and South African based Cathexis, specialised in Digital Surveillance and Video Management Systems, are pleased to announce the complete integration of the CatVision IP Surveillance Software Suite with the 5 Megapixel PanoCam360. CatVision provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

Mark Ross, Director of Cathexis’ European subsidiary based in Derby, UK, says. “We see a big potential in the integration of the 5 Megapixel PanoCam360 with our CatVision software suite. Cathexis is known as a supplier of product, technology, and knowledge that empowers our channel partners to offer their clients holistic solutions and PanoCam360 fits perfectly into our strategy. Our market covers anything from single sites to major retail chains, complex organisations with outlets across borders and continents, and some of the world’s largest mining organisations with very specific requirements, often with thousands of cameras. We can already see a number of projects where PanoCam360 will be appropriate and the flexibility provided by the 360° functionality makes this AMG-Panogenics camera an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.”

David Myers, CTO of AMG-Panogenics, comments, “PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. It provides complete situational awareness from a single camera. The camera works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate, and the SDK we provide facilitates de-warping and enables electronic-PTZ playback. Cathexis’ client base is a fantastic match in terms of applications for PanoCam360.”

Cathexis’ feature-rich CatVision VMS provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors. Among many others, Cathexis has a wealth of experience in retail, banking, tertiary education, health care, and logistics. The open architecture Windows and Linux variants enables I.P cameras, recording and viewing servers to be integrated seamlessly, thereby providing clients with the best solutions and maximum return on investment. CatVision comes in four software levels and several licensed add-ons provide the flexibility to tailor endless customised solutions. The software’s backward compatibility supports a hybrid platform making upgrading easy, cost effective and ensuring a future proof solution.

About Cathexis

Cathexis Technologies is an electronic systems development and manufacturing house specialising in Digital Surveillance and Video Management Systems for the international security market. With experience gained over more than 15 years, Cathexis have a significant installed base of products and solutions extending from South Africa to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Cathexis’ product line has traditionally been analogue based but over the last few years the experience and knowledge gained has been extended into the IP market. The portfolio now spans everything from basic analogue to advanced IP server based systems and including hybrid and integrates seamlessly with many 3rd party Access control, Intruder, Point of Sale and other data systems. Underpinned by CatHealth, a proprietary system health monitoring suite, Cathexis focus is on providing a technically advanced, flexible solution without sacrificing reliability. For more information visit www.cathexiseu.com.