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Oil and Gas

A particular challenge in this sector is that equipment needs to be built to withstand some of the most demanding of environments on the planet: from the hot and dusty climates of the Middle East to the relentless and unforgiving conditions of North Atlantic offshore platforms, AMG Systems' products are designed to perform consistently and reliably.

AMG has been supplying transmission and networking equipment into the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries around the world for many years and continuous and reliable operation is essential not only to the running and monitoring of plant & equipment, but more importantly to protect life: life safety and security systems are not something to be entrusted to anything other than the most robust and dependable transmission infrastructure with resilience and reliability at the core of its design.

From video & data communications specially designed for submersibles (Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROVs) to off-shore voice evacuation & life safety systems and large scale refinery CCTV networked systems, AMG has a track record of providing standard and custom built, diverse and reliable transmission solutions into many such installations. Those elements, combined with AMG's understanding of the distinct challenges and client needs in this sector, are key factors as to why AMG is often the number one supplier of choice.

Sites include:

• Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
• Mangalore Petrochemicals)
• National Grid (UK) 
• Scottish Power (UK) 
• Oil & Gas (Oman) 
• Gas Authority (India) 
• National Hydro Power Corporation (India) 
• Porgera Mine, (Papua New-Guinea) 
• Akaz Gas Power Plant (Iraq) 

References include:
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