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Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

The critical infrastructure include assets, facilities, systems, networks, processes and the essential workers that operate them, the loss or compromise of which could result in a major detrimental impact essential services. Such site include: communications, emergency services, energy, financial services, food, government, health, transport, water, defence, civil nuclear, space & chemicals.

Protection of these sites is not just from terrorism and malicious attacks, but also natural events and major accidents. As some of these sites are in harsh or challenging environments, it is important that the equipment is capable of withstanding those conditions and AMG have been supplying this type of equipment for many years around the globe.

Clearly, critical Infrastructure requires reliable and high quality equipment, but that equipment also needs to be resilient to attack itself. AMG have worked with a number of security equipment manufacturers to ensure that data sent between devices by our transmission equipment adds additional levels of protection without compromising overall system performance.

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