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Water Treatment plant Middle East

Published [ July 19, 2016 ]

Application: Integrated Security for Water Treatment Plant

Sector: Utilities

Location: Middle East AMG Product:

MSES: Industrial Multi-Service Ethernet Switch range

Integrated security system for multi-site Utilities plant
Ensuring that a security system is robust and reliable is important for all industrial sites, but for a water treatment plant in the Utilities sector, it is essential. Control of staff access, monitoring of perimeter fencing & building intrusion are all critical to ensuring the correct operation of the plant, whether or not any damage or contamination is accidental or deliberate.

Customer Requirement
The site was to be upgraded to incorporate new HD IP CCTV equipment and existing security technologies were to be integrated on a converged network across a fibre infrastructure. The brief was to:

  •  Transmit all data relating to connected security systems, including the new IP CCTV recording and monitoring system, existing access control and intruder systems from all seven buildings on five sites back to the security control room
  •  Transmit IP CCTV video, RS232, RS485, closed contact (alarms) across the same fibre network without loss and minimal delays
  •  Withstand extreme temperatures, up to 75°C
  •  Equipment must be ruggedised, of hardened Industrial standard
  •  Minimal amount of equipment at each location (ideally a single device), taking minimal space
  •  PoE support for IP Cameras
  •  Support Intruder panel communications for connection integrity
  •  Provide a unified management interface for maintenance and diagnostics
  •  Rack mountable

The challenge
To integrate old and new technologies of different types and communication standards in a ruggedised single box solution, whilst providing reliable and resilient operation in harsh and hot environment.

AMG’s solution
By using the AMG MSES (Multi-Service Ethernet Service) range, all of the customer’s requirements could be met in a one-box product solution. The MSES is a fully managed layer 2 Ethernet switch with serial data (RS232/RS485), switched inputs and outputs (closed contact/alarms) integrated in to one compact product. Combined with Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet ports and multiple Gigabit fibre connectivity, all aspects of the communication could be monitored and configured though a single interface. With only one box required at each site and with PoE+ support, only the addition of a power supply (with dual redundant PSU connected for additional protection) was necessary.
Direct connection to the other devices (cameras, intruder panels, access control panels, PIRs etc) was possible without the need for additional serial servers or converters, reducing cabling, installation time, system configuration and potential points of failure.

MSES supports both X-Ring and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) to provide redundancy and fast convergence, thus ensuring resilient operation in the case of a fibre break. MSES’s IGMP snooping allows multicast UDP video support from the IP cameras, minimising latency whilst reducing unnecessary data and potential data storms across the network.

Why AMG?

  •  Fully integrated compact single box design
  •  Integrates IP video, RS232, RS485 & alarm i/o
  •  Optimised for security applications
  •  Low latency for video transmission and control data
  •  Redundancy and fast recovery time in event of fibre failure
  •  A single management interface for product support
  •  Industrial design with passive cooling to cope with up to 75°C
  •  Extended warranty and repair support
  •  System design support

Products deployed

  •  AMG9064GM-HP-H-2S2I8C-R Layer 2 Industrial Switch, 6x1000Tx PoE, 4xSFP + 2 Serial, 8 Contacts (Rack)
  •  AMG9064GM-HP-H-2S2I8C Layer 2 Industrial Switch, 6x1000Tx PoE, 4xSFP + 2 Serial, 8 Contacts
  •  AMG9042GM-HP-H -2S2I8C Layer 2 Industrial Switch, 4x1000Tx PoE, 2xSFP + 2 Serial, 8 Contacts
  •  AMG2015 19” Chassis/Rack with PSU
  •  AMG2019 120W PoE Industrial PSU
Site Schematic
Site Schematic