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RM9600 series radio wireless transmission

/ AMG’s RM9600 series of radio modems are useful for transmission of RS232 or RS485 over radio up to 20km. Configurations can be point to point, point to multi-point and multi-point to multi-point with or without repeaters. They are a range of UHF multi-channel transceivers, incorporating a GMSK baseband modem and serial data interface. As with all AMG modem products, the RM9600 provides fully transparent operation regardless of the serial data protocol. Over-air speeds of up to 16Kbps (RM9600, 8Kbps RM9634) are achievable and serial data can be input at baud rates up to 19200bps.

Designed for the job

/ Small and compact the RM600 series can act as a standalone externally mounted transmission device in a weatherproof housing or integrated directly into other equipment and enclosures.

Multitude of Applications

Low speed bi-direction data transmission is used in many applications and the RM9600 has been used in a number of these, including:
• Alarm Systems
• Data Acquisition
• Remote Metering
• Remote Control Systems
• Warehousing and Dispatch
• Security Systems
• Video Surveillance Systems
• Telemetry
• Traffic Information
• Control Systems


UHF FM synthesised radio transceiver

Transparent up to 9600bps serial data transmission

RS232 and RS485 serial data interfaces

6 modes of operation including asynchronous, modem and repeater

User selectable RF channel, address and TX power level

LED indicators for radio functions, signal strength and serial line status

Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)

MODBUS compatibility (ASCII and RTU)


AMG RM9600 Multi-site data collection using wireless radio data transmission