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Spanning analogue CCTV, IP Video, Access Control and Intrusion, security systems can vary in size and complexity. from ten cameras to many thousands and be (please take this out) Standalone or part of a fully integrated system AMG Transforms your security networks; future proof & straight forward.  AMG specialise in larger scale and industrial applications where equipment is located over a wide area often with externally monitoring multiple buildings, perimeter fence lines car parks, public areas and other important

Oil and Gas

A particular challenge in this sector is that equipment needs to be built to withstand some of the most demanding of environments on the planet: from the hot and dusty climates of the Middle East to the relentless and unforgiving conditions of North Atlantic offshore platforms, AMG Systems' products are designed to perform consistently and reliably.


Covering rail, highways, sea & airports and marine, AMG have a strong heritage of providing analogue, IP, Hybrid, fibre and wireless systems to countries around the world. Longevity of supply, reliability and robust performance are typical requirements of these systems which can be complex and span thousands of kilometres of infrastructure whilst demanding decades of reliable 24/7 operation.

Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

The critical infrastructure include assets, facilities, systems, networks, processes and the essential workers that operate them, the loss or compromise of which could result in a major detrimental impact essential services. Such site include: communications, emergency services, energy, financial services, food, government, health, transport, water, defence, civil nuclear, space & chemicals.

Military, Defence & Secured Sites

Supporting  some of the most varied environment conditions, AMG provide wireless and wired transmission systems to a number of military organisations around the world. From CCTV infrastructure for prisons and detention facilities, to wireless military field based equipment, AMG’s solutions cover AMG products to bespoke and unique communication systems