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AMG Brands

For more than 25 years, the AMG brand has been synonymous with excellence in data transmission technology. Whilst the core of AMG's success has been achieved through organic growth, it has acquired existing technologies and brands in related industries to strengthen it's market leading position. This approach means we are not only ahead of our competitors in terms of identifying new customer needs, but we have the resources to develop new solutions to meet those ever demanding and changing needs.


In 2013, AMG Systems acquired some of the assets of RDT's range of wireless transmission products. Whilst the RDT company name and logo are not used by AMG, the product ranges are still available and manufactured exclusively at our Bedfordshire facilities.

Product ranges previously manufactured under the RDT brand include:

/ AMG5800 Videowave Series: Vlink, Vtel, VTX58xx & VRX58xx
/ RM6000 Series GPRS Modem/Router
/ RM9600 Series Radio Modems

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